I plan to release some more quirky little instruments eventually :)

'Spoonstrument' is a free Kontakt instrument for the FULL version of Kontakt 5+.

It samples the finest pair of spoons  (crafted by Antonio Spoonivari, circa 2010) in my kitchen cupboard.

I used the finest spoon player at hand (me) to record 6 velocity layers of:

1. Leg hits (C4-Eb4)
2. Hand hits (E4-G#4)
3. Cupped leg hits (A4-C5)
4. 'Trills' (C#5-E5)
5. 'Trill' + Leg hit (F5-G#5)
6. Alternate 'trill' (A5-C6)

Shortcomings: no round-robin! Use different velocities instead.