Composer for Media


I’m an award winning composer who has been writing music for over 20 years. I’m passionate about creating expertly crafted soundtracks that tell stories and inspire powerful emotions.

I have extensive experience writing music for over 35 indie games, Chimp Productions, trailers, adverts, and Youtubers. I have a fantastic track record with many studios who find me reliable, professional and friendly to work with. I’ve got a long credits list , and I have written diverse soundtracks in many styles that are loved by the audience themselves. I guarantee you also will like what I make!

Just click the Soundcloud box above, or click this portfolio link to quickly hear what I can do for you: If you like it, send me a message to chat about your soundtrack!

I’m skilled at writing in all styles, whether lo-fi or vast orchestral scores. I can bring your game or video to life, whatever music it needs. You’ll be impressed by my versatility and highest standards.

I’ve had musical training since the age of 4, and studied Music at the highly respected Royal College of Music and University of Manchester. I’ve been composing since the age of 8, gradually honing my craft to an expert level, understanding the needs of composing for screen and games, and finally finding an innovate and unique voice in soundtracks.

Interested? Send me a message and we can chat about your soundtrack!